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MATURO DISEGNA is a California licensed (#697641) General Contractor and Interior Design/Space Planning firm that provides design and construction services.  These services are combined into a Design-Build package or provided independently. Services also include Interior Design, Owner/Builder consultation and Project Management.


The Design/Build option is very popular because it has several advantages:

  • Design concepts are developed from the beginning between the Designer/Builder and the client that reflect a realistic understanding of construction costs and the budget guidance established by the client.

  • The Design/Build process delivers the completed project much faster than traditional design and construction methods.This time savings means cost savings.

  • The Design/Build package offers more for each dollar expended.

  • Construction is managed by the Designer who is on the job or in direct communication with the workers on a daily basis.This ensures that the drawings are interpreted properly to implement the design intent.

  • The client’s project has one point of accountability because the Designer is the Builder!


MATURO DISEGNA is unique in the way in which the Design/Build services are provided.  We work to develop a design that meets the client’s functional, aesthetic, and budget needs.  The design also factors in knowledge of the impact specific design situations will have on real estate marketability and the economic return on the investment.  After the preliminary design is approved, we prepare a planning cost estimate to assist the client in understanding the dollar consequences of various decisions that will be made in preparation of complete construction drawings.  Our experience in design and construction enables us to offer guidance in the selection of specific products, materials, and finishes that optimize the value received for the intended budget. Finally, mock-ups and scale models may be built as a final tool and visual aid that brings real life three dimensional perspective for the client, workers, and government agencies that are involved with the permitting process.


Guy Maturo is the principal designer and California Licensed General Building Contractor DBA as MATURO DISEGNA (CA.lic. #697641).

Guy Maturo also provides Architectural Design services and Owner/Builder consultation independent of construction. This is a great alternative to realizing the vision on paper and rendering for future construction consideration. Interior Design services are also offered in-house by Guy Maturo and/or  Erin Maturo, Allied Member ASID. This husband/wife Architectural and Interior design team combine fluently with close proximity and understanding of the others respective responsibilities and concepts.


Complete design projects include single family custom homes, up-scale remodels, room additions, swimming pools and spas, exterior hardscape, architectural detailing, and shade structures. Inspired by classical and modern design concepts, as well as 30 plus years of working hands-on with custom Masonry, Structural Concrete, Wood Framing, Tile, Electrical, and precision Finish Carpentry provides for a well detailed and structurally sound project.


MATURO DISEGNA takes pride in the fact that the designers work “hands-on” on every project.  This approach helps to keep close account of the progress, layout, cost, and quality of the project.


It is encouraged, and expected to have extensive client interaction within the design phase, as well as the construction phase.  Our goal is to create the ultimate living space for the client, and there is no better way of achieving that without the exchange of ideas, concepts, and needs from the client, and combining them to create a comprehensive and practical, as well as beautiful finished product

The objective is to create a one-of-a-kind luxury product that is unique to the individuality of the family that resides in it.  After all, this is the essence of “custom building”.  The end product is an icon into the distant future of the character and existence of the individual or family that built it, literally making history.


Pride is taken in having a strong sense of design, and converting desire into design. However, never forget that a design’s weak point is generally a result of poor detailing.  Detailing of a construction assembly is as important as the aesthetic appeal of the design itself.  The necessary steps are taken to properly detail construction assemblies that create a stable, long-lasting structure.


Finally, and most importantly, the client should have fun with the process.  From design development to, and through the construction phase, there will be many decisions, and choices to make.  The goal is to improve your living space and lifestyle.  The way you go about it makes all the difference in the world.  Know what you want, decide on a workable budget, take time up front to plan – and the rest will follow.

Guy Maturo

Guy Maturo is the Principal Designer and a California Licensed General Building Contractor. Guy began his career working with his father in the masonry and concrete trades.  He started as a Laborer/Brick Tender and worked his way up to Mason and then Project Superintendant on large commercial projects including shopping centers and grocery stores.


When custom home building, residential hardscape, and swimming pool construction came to the forefront in the late 80's Guy was inspired to study  the art of architectural design and interior design. With 30 plus years of hands on experience in concrete, masonry, finish carpentry, electrical, plumbing, space planning, CAD drafting, interior detailing and architectural design, Guy has aquired a sensibility for appropriateness and practicality in design and construction assemblies.




Green Building practice is no longer a marketing buzz word in the state of California! ALL building contractors are now "Green Builders"!

The State of California has written and adopted a law which has been in effect since 2011 what is known as the "CalGreen" building code.


The purpose of the CalGreen code is to improve public health, safety, and general welfare by enhancing the design and construction of buildings through the use of building concepts having a reduced negative impact or positive environmental impact and encouraging sustainable construction practices in the following categories:


  1. Planning and design.

  2. Energy efficiency.

  3. Water efficiency and conservation.

  4. Material conservation and resource efficiency.

  5. Environmental quality.


The provisions of the CalGreen code shall apply to the planning, design, operation, construction, use and occupancy of newly constructed building or structure.


Erin Maturo

Erin Maturo is the In-Home Consultant.  She specializes in fabric selection for window treatments and bedding, furniture selection, space planning, paint selection, and accessorizing.  Erin provides custom interiors for each client by considering their needs and wishes and then offering practical and aesthetically pleasing solutions.  The result is a new space tailored to existing and/or new furnishings that are in harmony with new construcion or a completed remodel.


"I aspire to provide a complete interior by considering the client's personal experience throughout the process and balance style with functionality."






The Building Codes are not only a precription for the design and construction of a safe and structurally sound building, they are the law!

It is for these reasons that Guy Maturo is a professional member of the International Code Council and enrolls in continuined educational courses with every new code adoption to stay current with the changing trends and laws. Understanding the requirements of the codes provides for a good working relationship between the designer/builder, and the requisite government agencies that approve and oversee the construction process.


California’s building codes are published by the following three entities:  


  • International Code Council (ICC) publishes Parts 1, 2  (includes 8 and 10), 2.5, 6, 9, 11 and 12 of Title 24, the Administrative, Building with Historical and Existing Buildings, Residential, Energy, Fire, Green and Referenced Standards Codes.

  • International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO) publishes Parts 4 and 5 of Title 24, the California Mechanical and Plumbing Codes.

  • BNi Building News publishes Part 3 of Title 24, the California Electrical Code. 


California's building codes (California Code of Regulations, Title 24) are published on a triennial basis.   Supplements and errata are issued throughout the cycle. The 2013 California Building Code will be in effect through 2016.

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