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Swimming Pools

Swimming pool and spas add a wonderful aesthetic to a yard and home atmosphere.


Design and construction of a new pool and spa can be incorporated into your new home or remodel project.


Integrated design that is consistent with the existing or new architecture completes an absolute custom and unique home environment for all to enjoy.


Existing pool remodels are also very feasable and can be performed in conjunction with a home addition or remodel.


Click on the photo's for more information.

Hardscape Elements

Occasionally a client will request a particularly challenging criteria. We thrive on such requests.


The design criteria for this project was as follows:

  • Create a fountain where you can hear water running, without splashing near the entry door

  • Must have no standing pool of water

  • Would be nice to view from the interior piano foyer

  • Use stone, but not in a typical "pile of rocks" waterfall setting

  • Provide seating

  • Placement and planting not to be out of character with existing archiecture (see Design/Build Villa Park project).


Click on the photos starting with the photo titled "Step 1"  and read the captions for the chronological design process that achieved an end result that fulfilled the clients wishes!


Electronic Drum Kit

Musical instruments are fascinating in the sense that they are pieces of art that in turn create pieces of art. Its a daily metamorphosis that happens before our eyes and ears that is rarely, if at all, realized.


One day while in a hardware store, I was musing at some shiney galvanized trash cans and I thought

"It would be fun to make a drum kit with them"


So I did!


I took it a step further and added electronic sensors in them to trigger a synthesizer that has the capability of producing thousands of sounds.


Moder Drummer Magazine found it interesting enough to feature it in the June 2014 issue!

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