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Design and Construction

Design and construction or "Design /Build" is our forte.

New homes, additions, remodels, kitchens, baths, hardscape, or swimming pools, whatever your dream is, we can help make it a reality.


We start with design consultation to determine the scope and budget of the project, followed by a preliminary design concept. Upon concept approval, preliminary working drawings are produced as well as elevational drawings that further define the visual and aesthetic intent. When preliminary drawings are approved, construction estimates are produced for approval to start final drawings.


Final drawings are submitted to the local planning department for planning compliance and approval. Upon planning approval, the plans with required engineering are submitted to the building department and its requisite departments (mechanical, fire, energy compliance, etc.) for final approval and issuance of a building permit.


Upon issuance of a building permit, construction may be started, and the first signs of physical reality of the project start to take hold! The owners  experience of working through the design process to starting construction is exciting and rewarding just as it is for us as a new experience each and every time!


Architectural Detailing
Interior Design

Architectural Detailing and Interior Design are generally separate concepts and are usually viewed as such. The two concepts may be simultaniously addressed in a project depending on the clients desires and the parameters set forth by the preliminary design concept.


Think of Architectural Detailing as the "hardware" and Interior Design as the "software".


Architectural Detailing includes the design and proportioning of those elements of a structure that are attached or fixed elements of the structure. For example: fireplace faces, cabinetry, wainscoting, exposed decorative beams, window and door casings, stairways, etc.


Interior Design includes the design, coordination, and placement of removeable or easily changeable items. For example: furniture, window treatments, paint colors, wall coverings, beddings, pillows, accessories, etc.


Depending on the type and scope of work that the client requests will determine whether we would categorize the project as Architectural Detailing or Interior Design, or both, which sets the tone for how the project will be administrated.

Owner-Builder Consultation and
Project Management

The California Contractors State License Board defines "Owner Builder" as follows:


  • An owner-builder is what the term indicates: a person owns the property and acts as their own general contractor on the job, and either does the work themselves or has employees (or subcontractors) working on the project.

  • The work site must be their principal place of residence that they have occupied for 12 months prior to completion of the work.

  • The homeowner cannot construct and then sell more than two structures during any three-year period.


It is generally not recommended that an owner act as an owner builder for many reasons, but, under certain circumstances, acting as owner builder could be beneficial to the owner on certain levels.


MATURO DISEGNA will provide for owner builders a design, consultation and assistance program under certain criteria and qualifications.


If the "Owner-Builder" route is a consideration, we will be happy to have a discussion to determine if that is the right path for you, and how we may assist in the success of the project.

Design Commission and
Construction Management

MATURO DISEGNA may be retained for commission in the architectural and interior design realm. Tell us your idea or goal, and we can configure a design concept ready for executuion that is as practical or as wild and bizarre as the mind and the client is willing to take it!


MATURO DISEGNA generally does not prepare constuction documents to be put out for bid unless the commission is a part of a Construction Management package.


If the client has a favorite contractor that they would like to use or impliment in the contruction or fabrication process of a project, then a Design Commission and Construction Management arrangement may be a suitable arrangement.


We would be happy to discuss whether this type of arrangement would be a practical approach for your project.

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